About Us

The word Potentia in Latin is defined as power or force.

We believe a 21st century workforce is an innovative, inspired and inclusive workforce.

Neurodiverse individuals, including those who are autistic, dyslexic, OCD and ADHD represent one-quarter of today's workforce. Despite being highly qualified, over 80% remain unemployed. Here's how we address this need and deliver outstanding bottom-line results.

Train and support

organizations looking to leverage Neurodiverse talent through Potentia STARS.

Employ exceptional talent

to provide IT and analytics project services through Potentia Projects..

Provide career opportunities

for talented Neurodiverse individuals through client opportunities and our own project work.

Leverage technology

to continuously innovate to expand those opportunities for our clients and our community.

*Benefits of Employing People with Autism: The Dandelion Employment Program (La Trobe University)

*Disability as an Asset in the Workplace: JP Morgan Chase

*SAP Autism at Work: Encouraging Neurodiversity in the Workplace


We look for new and creative ways to deliver value to our clients, our partners and our community.


We believe that involving yourself in pursuits that serve others is essential to a purposeful life and career.


Companies who draw from and support the widest swaths of humanity simply run better.


We strive to always align our words and our actions and to practice positive, solution-oriented communication

Jeff Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Miller has spent more than two decades in leadership roles in the human capital industry. He was president of a $350m recruitment firm, Cenergy Partners, which provided over 2,000 engineers and field workers to industries including energy, aerospace, manufacturing and technology. Jeff had full responsibility for day-to-day operations of this international firm, reporting to the board of directors, and successfully completed four acquisitions during his tenure.

Earlier in his career, Jeff was division president for Exxova, an Atlantabased technology consultancy where he built and led the firm’s largest division in providing innovative solutions to the healthcare industry.

Jeff was also a Sr. Vice president for KBR, an $88 EPC where he built and ran the firm’s fastest growing division. He also served as Vice President, Americas for NES, a global recruitment firm, where he built and led an international team responsible for record-setting results. Jeff has launched and led organizations, divisions and teams in the 20 largest markets in North America, as well as in Europe, Asia and Australia.

A native of the Boston area, Jeff remains a loyal red sox fan and highly limited former athlete. He lives in the Houston area with his wife Samantha, and son Charlie – an awesomely cool teenager on the autism spectrum

Jeff's Story

Shawn Fry

Chief Innovation Officer

Shawn, became a successful executive and entrepreneur after being diagnosed with Asperger’s at age 42. He found success in his professional career only after he was afforded the opportunity as the CIO of several hospital systems to exercise a great deal of autonomy in his role.

Shawn’s propensity for detail, hard questions and divergent solutions produced millions in both new revenue opportunity and cost savings for his employer. His innovative approach to the complexity of healthcare data laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial healthcare technology firms centered around analytics, revenue cycle and clinical informatics. Through these ventures, he left corporate America behind, hired nearly 150 employees and created his own “neurodiverse workplace culture”.

Shawn found that by cultivating an environment dependent upon open, honest dialogue, clear communication and vulnerability, the workplace culture was more supportive and accommodating to everyone’s needs. People were happier, more productive and turnover rates were 0% after nearly 15 years. Shawn is a holder of multiple technology patents which he utilized to create dozens of healthcare analytics platforms. He remains a well-respected speaker and author on critical healthcare issues.

Shawn sold his company to private equity in 2019 and has dedicated the rest of his life to embracing neurodiversity and the powers it unlocks through thought leadership, personal security and selfesteem in one’s uniqueness.