Potentia STARS

Potentia brings together decades of experience in workforce optimization and recruitment, along with experts in the field of Neurodiversity to provide employers with a roadmap of how to interview, onboard and manage a neurodiverse workforce.

Companies who have made investments in this area report lower turnover, higher productivity and improved employee engagement

We are focused on those outcomes for our clients and committed to a better future for our applicants through Potentia STARS (Spectrum Training, Recruitment and Support).

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We believe that our Neurodiverse Candidates deserve an environment that supports them in being their most authentic self at work, alongside providing an opportunity for a rewarding career progression. We feel strongly about the below Four A’s in the context of Neurodiversity at Work.

ACCEPTANCE : We ensure acceptance through measuring and improving work environments via unique, practical, and tangible learning experiences for managers, mentors and team members prior to the candidate’s onboarding. Our trainings and workshops are Neurodiverse-led and include open, honest dialogue, comparing Neurodivergent to Neurotypical perceptions and expectations, which facilitates empathy and better understanding for all involved. We employ the social model for disability and difference as we believe employers should meet their employees halfway, and practice person-centered management practices for all employees.

APPRECIATION : We appreciate the Neurodiverse mind and view differences through a lens of strength and capability. We believe Neurodivergent brains are essential in making teams and organizational processes stronger, given that the lens through which we see the world is distinct. NDs provide perspectives that many Neurotypicals have trouble accessing because of our hypervigilance and ability to think divergently, considering many possible solutions at once. Not being limited to linear thinking allows us to see beyond the traditional approaches to work and provide incremental value, which can only be uncovered in an environment that supports an open exchange of ideas and information.

ACCOMMODATIONS : We understand that navigating a workplace as a neurodistinct employee can often seem exhausting or counterproductive. Disabled employees, as traditionally defined, are entitled under law to ask for reasonable accommodations. These accommodations can have a major positive impact on not only your work-life, but your ability to attend to your personal life, as well. But what are “reasonable accommodations”? Potentia has helped companies and ND individuals to demystify the concept and create a process where accommodation requests are supported, working with Potentia to ensure all parties in alignment. Included in the candidate journey to employment is an empowerment training, where we discuss how to self-advocate and work to select/write out the accommodations which will support our productivity and well-being at work.

AUTONOMY & ADVANCEMENT : Potentia’s mission lies in increasing neurodiverse candidates access to careers that offer competitive salaries, benefits, and opportunities for growth, advancement and financial independence. Potentia will provide continued employee and employer support to endeavor towards employee autonomy. This autonomy will allow employees the flexibility to make independent work decisions where appropriate and to organize their work environments to support their needs while using their skills to further organizational goals. Neurodiverse employees should continue to solicit feedback and guidance from trusted managers, mentors and peers, just as neurotypical employees do. Value-aligned employers will ensure employees have a clear understanding of the various career paths available to them, and how they might progress on any of those paths over time.

Note on Role Types: Many clients approach us about STEM roles. We believe this is due to those roles being in high demand, but this may also be the result of bias around the best roles for ND candidates. Our approach in this instance is to address the legitimate business need, and, as we do have some excellent STEM candidates, to connect them with open positions. At the same time, we educate each employer on the wide variety of ND candidates who fill roles from HR to marketing, etc. every day. So while we may work with a client on a pilot program that includes STEM roles, our goal is always to secure second and third pilots that are intentionally non-STEM. We have seen with Covid, that many employers are investing more in STEM roles than ever before, so this is an ongoing challenge for us and one we will continue to look to improve.


Plan Objectives

Potentia works with the client to understand their overall employment goals and set objectives.

Define Scope

Potentia works with the client to evaluate internal resources and plan a suitable pilot

Determine Measurables

Potentia helps to define program ROI and key metrics.

Train Employees

Potentia offers various engaging trainings and workshops for individuals in support roles along with the wider team


Develop Messaging

Potentia works with the client to understand their overall employment goals and set objectives.

Customize Selection Process

Potentia works with the client to evaluate internal resources and plan a suitable pilot

Shortlist Candidates

Potentia recruits talented neurodiverse candidates with a strong desire to contribute to great organizations

Finalize New Hires

Candidates who are the best fit based on their knowledges, skills and abilities are selected!


Empowerment Training

Potentia conducts New Hire employment empowerment training, developed by the neurodiverse for the neurodiverse.

Orientation and Onboarding

Potentia consults around tasks to include within this process which can be implemented beyond the program.

Develop Circles of Support

Potentia individually trains and supports managers, mentors and buddies for each new hire

Career Pathing

Potentia consults around implementing structured conversations and tangible paths for individual career success.

Best Practices

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

Role-clarity for individuals involved more closely with candidates around inclusion best practices and core value alignment.

Role and Selection Design

Role and Selection Design

Potentia consults with talent acquisition specilists and the hiring manager around job design, writing the job description and creating a compensatory selection system.

Inclusive Interviewing

Inclusive Interviewing

Potentia trains all individuals involved in the recruiting process on key components for a diversity-friendly selection system.

Change Management

Change Management

Potentia provides resources around best practices for communicating and managing change per the individual and wider team.

Communication Best Practices

Communication Best Practices

Potentia provides training, workshops and continuous live discussion for individual and support roles around supportive communication tactics and strategies.

The Potentia STARS program aims to move an uninformed employer, who is attracting and managing talent using only traditional methods, to a successful practitioner, who now utilizes engaged, productive, loyal and neurodiverse talent.