Service Offerings

We enable companies to accelerate growth and innovation by leveraging uncommon solutions and talent.

Clients can embrace Neurodiversity in their workforce through our STARS Programs, benefit from our Data Analytics project capabilities to solve Big Data problems or leverage our Health Registry platform, allowing employees to return to safer, lower risk post-COVID worksites.

Potentia STARS

Neurodiverse workers represent 25% of today's workforce. Despite being highly qualified, over 80% remain unemployed. Potentia’s STARS Program, built and run by experts in workforce optimization and neurodiversity, provides comprehensive Training, Recruitment and Support to organizations looking to leverage neurodiverse talent to drive significant business outcomes.

Potentia Projects

Potentia leverages innovative approaches to help companies maximize technology and data for better decision making and bottom line results through our Projects offering.  By employing exceptional, neurodiverse talent that Thinks Differently, Potentia brings fresh thinking and uncommon approaches to Analytics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Data Science, among other disciplines

Featured Product

Potentia Health Registry

The covid crises have exposed several challenges for organizations today - public health data is incomplete, backward looking, and often contradictory.  Potentia Health Registry applies innovative thinking to track symptoms, assess risk for individuals and groups, and apply predictive analytics to put data in the hands of leaders so that they can make optimal decisions quickly